Build your dream business application in record time

IQ Portal is an online platform with reusable software components that can be adjusted to your use case.

IQ Portal is a development platform with reusable modules that can be combined to meet your needs.

It’s a faster and more efficient way to build customized business solutions.

Fully tested with proven stability

IQ Portal is used by all our customers worldwide, around the clock.

A flexible solution for any business challenge

All our standard solutions are built on top of IQ Portal. Check out below:

Used by these customers all around the world

Our standard solutions

IQ Portal can be used for multiple solutions. Bring into play for:

Business intelligence

Surveys & benchmarking

Take-back schemes

Why IQ Portal?

IQ Portal with a broad range of functionality

It’s a faster and more efficient way to build customized business solutions.
Profile settings
Task runner
Data exchange XML & XLS
Payment Service Provider (PSP)
Universes (public, customer & operator)
Access management
Database connectivity
Web statistics
Language support
Content maintenance
User interface

Enjoy a great user experience & speedy delivery, without compromising stability and security

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Explore infinite possibilities

Apart from our standard solutions, IQ Portal can be used to build:

Mobile applications

Sales improvement solutions

Logistics applications

Our partners trust us

Jorgen Broothaers​

Business Advisory Services Belgium, Pwc​

“We have worked together with Basesoft Solutions developing a unique and innovative platform to support our joint client in managing an EU-wide, multi-stakeholder challenge”.
Danielle De Kluijver​

Manager Customer Intelligence, FEDEX

“I have been working with Basesoft Solutions for over a decade now and have always been satisfied with the services rendered. They do a go job, are punctual, and offer a close, one-on-one service.”
Christian Ludwig​

CEO, WEEE Europe AG​


“We have chosen Basesoft Solutions in 2014 as our partner for the Development and Operation of our European Reporting Platform.

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