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Mitchel De Graaf, Co-Founder

Paul De Graaf, Co-Founder

Mitchel and Paul are 2 brothers, who founded Basesoft Solutions in the ’90s in Amsterdam. We tend to be efficient! It makes us happy if our customers have the best experience possible with the least amount of work. With great service!

In the end, it’s all about People and how to make them happy.

We felt that online was the next biggest thing and decided to build

solutions for webshops. As there was no software available for webshops, it was an exciting and challenging time. Next TNT Express (FedEx) asked us to help them with several online Benchmark solutions worldwide! Everything was built based on our expertise and common sense.

We have an informal culture where creativity and innovation are key to our success. Offering a lot of space for personal initiatives by our people is very important.

At the time we thought: “why to rebuild software every time again?” Why not set up a platform with components, as building blocks, that can be used for every solution we develop? That is how we started developing IQ Portal, our secure, stable, and reliable platform with reusable software components.

Although we keep innovating at Basesoft Solutions one thing has always remained the same: our dedication to designing innovative software and solutions. Fit to excel the customer experience of our solutions.

Here at Basesoft Solutions, we like to listen to our customers’ stories and desires. Our company and our team of expert developers have been around since 1996. For over 25 years we have been building mobile and web applications that solve specific business needs.

We create reporting tools that transform data into clear insightful information. We develop and manage multiple benchmarking and data processing projects. We focus on delivering user-friendly, secure and stable solutions for complex processes.

We work with government agencies, international associations, industrial companies, logistics companies and many other business entities. We currently provide the only standard solution for recycling Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) within Europe. This solution, IQ TBS, is used by key customers like WEEE Europe, Philips, OSRAM, General Electric and PwC.

Our customers tend to be as loyal as our team. For example, FedEx has been using IQ Quest for 25+ years. We developed and operate their customer experience platform in 52 languages and it’s used by their customer service representatives worldwide.

All of our solutions are built on top of IQ Portal, our online development platform with reusable software components for building tailor-made business applications.

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