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Our standard solutions

IQ Portal can be used for multiple solutions. Bring into play for:

Business intelligence

Surveys & benchmarking

Take-back schemes

Rapidly build a sophisticaded business application, without having to start from scratch.

Meet IQ Portal, an online platform with reusable software components that can be adjusted to your use case.

Why choose Basesoft solutions ?

Go for speed without compromising stability and security.

Superb user experience

We deliver intuitive and easy to use Business Applications.

Rapid delivery

Triple the speed of development with reusable software components.

Tailor-made for you

Flexible, custom-built software for every size of business.

Stable and secure

Our platform is tried and tested by 40 global enterprises for 25+ years.

Drive business growth

We design simple solutions for complex business processes.

How we work?

Our partners trust us

Jorgen Broothaers​

Business Advisory Services Belgium, Pwc​

“We have worked together with Basesoft Solutions developing a unique and innovative platform to support our joint client in managing an EU-wide, multi-stakeholder challenge”.
Danielle De Kluijver​

Manager Customer Intelligence, FEDEX

“I have been working with Basesoft Solutions for over a decade now and have always been satisfied with the services rendered. They do a go job, are punctual, and offer a close, one-on-one service.”
Christian Ludwig​

CEO, WEEE Europe AG​


“We have chosen Basesoft Solutions in 2014 as our partner for the Development and Operation of our European Reporting Platform.

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