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Basesoft Solutions has created this privacy statement in order to emphasize that we worship and value the privacy of visitors to our website.  Here we explain how we handle the information we offer through this website and the information we receive about our visitors.

For statistical purposes visitor statistics of our website are saved.  Information such as number of visits, visit frequency, geographical location of the visitors are used for internal research and to improve the website.  This information is general in nature and cannot be traced back to the individual visitor.  The information that these statistics offer is only accessible to the team at Basesoft Solutions.


Protecting your privacy on the Internet is of great importance for Basesoft Solutions.  This implies that Basesoft Solutions in principle does not distribute  data from our customers to third parties.  Below we will explain how we handle the collection of data, where the data is collected and for what purpose and under what circumstances Basesoft Solutions will distribute the data to third parties.

Which data does Basesoft Solutions collect?
Subscriber data
To use the Basesoft Solutions website it is possible we need the visitors name, address, telephone number and bank account number.  Basesoft Solutions uses this information to bill and if necessary to contact you.  Naturally Basesoft Solutions also stores your e-mail address and will use it to reach you if needed by sending an e-mail.

Through the forms on our website our users have to provide information such as their name, address, preferences, and e-mail address or questions to the expert panel.

All individual information collected in our website remains your property.  Information collected with our Basesoft Solutions website through benchmarking solutions can be given to third parties aggregated or published externally. 

All incoming information is stored in our database and is only accessible to Basesoft Solutions and the webmaster in particular, and only in if it is general information for the Question and Answer section. 
Data availbale to third parties 
To be clear.  Basesoft Solutions does not sell or distribute individual data from its customers to third parties, except in the two following cases.

This is the case when by law Basesoft Solutions is required to provide data, for example in the context of a criminal investigation.  This can consider providing your personal data, but also the interception of e-mail and Internet.  You can however assume that Basesoft Solutions takes the greatest caution and investigates if compliance with all legal requirements are met.

Execution by third parties

For the implementation of certain services it is necessary to transfer your data to third parties. For example: If you purchased a service from a third party supplier (part of) or delivery of equipment by a third party is necessary.  In such instances Basesoft Solutions agrees with the third party to respect the privacy of your data.  Basesoft Solutions will then ensure that these parties act in accordance with the law and the guidelines of Basesoft Solutions.

If you have questions about this privacy statement or if you want to view, add to or change your personal data, please contact the Customer Service of Basesoft Solutions, Herengracht 564, 1017 CH Amsterdam.  The Customer Service Department is also available as follows our e-mail: