Easy setup of Surveys and Reports with IQ Quest!

IQ Quest is our standard Survey and Reporting solution

Create, Publish, Invite, Analyze and Report your Surveys and their results in dashboards. Our Solution is Multi-lingual and Multi-channel.

Some examples are: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Market Research, Job Satisfaction, Brand Awareness, Training Evaluation, Event Evaluation, and Lead Generation.

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Share results and dashboards by 1 click

Build your smart online survey using an easy drag & drop Survey Tool with a Visual interface. Create/copy a survey using one screen just by clicking.

Use our integrated standard report in real-time to follow the results. You also can make your customized Dashboard & Reports with our Report Tool and Share with others in 1 click.

An example of a Report generated by IQ Quest



We created IQ Quest to make it easy to Benchmark, Re-use, Share and Copy Surveys and Reports in Dashboards

Security, Efficiency, Time and Cost reductions are our Key Values!


How easy it all works!



Easily Create Surveys and Reports


Plan and Publish Surveys & Reports


Import and Invite participants



Analyze data with extended functionality



Create customized Reports




Make Dashboards with drag and drop



Benefits of using IQ Quest!



Visually create new surveys by drag and drop


Easily set-up dashboards & reports



Create, publish, analyze & report data


Inline editing



One-click import and/or creation of contacts




Excel click and paste functionality



A high degree of Security & Confidentiality



Licenses/Hosting in the Cloud


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Customer Loyalty with IQ Quest for FEDEX Worldwide






Yearly more than 1.000,000 online surveys are sent out and processed by IQ Quest to FEDEX customers worldwide. The results are analyzed, benchmarked and graphically displayed for FEDEX Customer Service Managers and Country Managers.

High reduction of handling and costs
FEDEX worldwide uses IQ Quest to periodically measure the loyalty of customers in more than 52 different languages. Online the loyalty of more than 350,000 customers are measured periodically. The results are processed with IQ Quest.

IQ Quest has reduced the processing time and costs of the customer loyalty surveys of FEDEX.


Direct Online Feedback

Through the reporting and analysis made in IQ Report, FEDEX is provided with valuable information about how their customer service is assessed by customers. The ease of use and real-time reports give the FEDEX management quick insight into the performance and growth in individual countries where FEDEX operates. With this information, management can manage and adjust the quality of the customer service globally.

IQ Quest and IQ Report are very important for the training/monitoring of the customer service reps of FEDEX Worldwide.


For FEDEX (Formerly TNT Express Worldwide) we developed and operate IQ Quest. This is a platform for measuring Customer Satisfaction in 52 languages. Used for training/bonuses of the customer service reps for more than 23 years. 

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