"Our objective is to build software that needs no support"

Basesoft Solutions BV
Herengracht 564
1017 CH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. + 31(20)6847087


Hosting management support
If we offer services of the IQ Portal platform we work using the Software as a Service (SaaS) method. Depending on the service we offer hosting and management of our servers are managed centrally. They use hosts which is necessary to gain web access, access to the applications and support data management. The necessay servers are hosted in a highly secure co-location in Amsterdam.

This co-location is completely organised to manage the servers used by our customers securely and efficiently. Also back-up facilities and re-routing of the backbone internet connection are sufficient.

Basesoft Solutions manages the hosting and support of the IQ Portal servers from this location.

Help desk
One point of contact on functional and technical issues is necessary for the support of our IQ Portal Solutions and additional services. The firstline support is done through phone, e-mail and fax. 

User support
The support is done through tickets made by customers and can be monitored by them. There is support by Phone and e-mail.