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The Survey Revolution

IQuest offers the user an intuitive and userfriendly online survey solution with many possibilities to easily create surveys in the company style without any technical knowledge .

Basesoft Solutions online solution IQuest offers companies to efficiently and cost efficient manage complex information. 

Companies are confronted with an increase and the need for complex information due to a rapidly developing world. Offline and online information with increased flexibility of the working force results in an increased need for timely and flexible information.

IQ Report

The Reporting Revolution

IQ Report is our online reporting solution. It offers unexperienced business users the best reporting experience ever, based on unique visual-  and user experiences. With IQ Report it is possible to present business data with widgets from multiple sources (also external sources) in a web dashboard with widgets and share these reports with one click.

We are a Web 2.0 company and develop software using the newest tested technology.

ELC (European Lamp Company Federation)

In cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Basesoft Solutions has developed an online pan-European solution for the European Lamp Companies Federation including Philips, Osram and General Electric. Our IQ Portal platform has been used to develop a multi-lingual solution that efficiëntly and effectively manages the complete declaration of recycling fees for energie efficient lamps.

The major functionalities are online registration, declaration, administration, fraude control, invoicing and the reporting of the recycling fees for energy efficient lamps in Europe.

IQ Portal
The Intelligence Revolution

IQ Portal is Basesoft Solutions online and centrally managed platform. It is developed using tested technology, with standard components and modules. The advantage is that with IQ Portal platform we can develop custom made pan-European solutions for our customers in a short timeframe and cost efficient. Our solutions are used by multinational enterprises daily and worldwide. Our IQ Portal platform can process huge amounts of customers and data. The IQ Portal solutions offers multiligual and multi-channel functionalities. IQuest and IQ Reporting are standard solutions developed with IQ Portal as a basis.