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Consultancy: Nevat's IQ Assessment
Basesoft Solutions Maturity Assessment online business solution provides a system for benchmarking competences within a company. The questions relate to management skills and the operation. Each competence is divided into several levels of professionalism where each level is defined by using the following terms: man, machine and method. The level of each competence is displayed graphically set off against industry figures to be able to compare it against the a company's own performance. Basesoft Solutions developed a flexible tool for enterprises to measure their performance in comparison to other enterprises within their industry.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick distribution

For the participants:

  • Submitting and viewing of assessment questions by period and typology
  • Graphical display of competence level scorings through default reports
  • Possibility to set own scores against industry reference assessment
    Filtering options on category, market and company size

For managers:

  • With extra functionalities for managing purposes
  • Option to set up own report for viewing data

Voordelen voor beheerders:

  • Password protected administrator tool
  • Complete assessment definition
  • Standard report definition
  • Complete overview listing of all settings

NEVAT: Network of the Dutch subcontractingindustry
The Dutch Association of Subcontracting Industries ("NEVAT") is the most important network of industrial subcontractors and suppliers in the Netherlands. As a trade organisation with approximately 280 members, the NEVAT speaks up on behalf of the Dutch subcontracting industry, acts as a platform for exchanging information and experience, and provides answers to the questions of both domestic and foreign subcontractors. The NEVAT accommodates a broad scale of specialized enterprises in the metalworking, plastics, and electronics manufacturing industries. It represents almost all production techniques and technologies, and includes businesses which supply single components op to businesses which develop and produce high-quality, custom-made modules and systems.